MacArthur Senate lives, learns, and convenes

What are Roberts Rules of Order? What is the Senate’s job? Where does the job of a MacArthur student senator begin? Seven of the eight MacArthur senators attended a Student Government retreat on Monday and Tuesday, May 19 and 20, to learn their role in student government, and how their position impacts the student body.

On Monday, the Senate met for dinner at Masa Sagami in Abacoa to socialize and exchange ideas. Later that night, the students stayed at the Wellesley Inn, and in a breakout session discussed their goals and plans for the coming year.

Coming back for another term as a senator, sophomore Carmen Blubaugh is excited about her return, and looks forward to a great year.

“At the retreat I discovered an exciting and motivated team and I am looking forward to working with everyone,” Blubaugh said.

On Tuesday, the Senate heard presentations from Speaker Mindy McLester, Governor Noemi Coltea, University Wide Vice President Brent Dell, and their advisor, Associate Dean of Students Joe Isadore. Speaker McLester gave a short presentation on the Robert’s Rules of Order, which the Senate uses to run their meetings in an orderly fashion. Speaker McLester also lead a brief overview of the University Wide Student Government’s newly revised Constitution, and entertained any questions that senators had. The new speaker also organized the entire retreat, and put together a reference binder containing the Constitution, A&S fee summary, a guide to parliamentary procedure, and other pertinent reference material for each senator. “I feel that the retreat went well, and I look forward to working with such an enthusiastic, committed group,” Senate Speaker Mindy McLester said.

Governor Coltea presented a view of the Executive Branch, explaining how her cabinet interacts with the Senate in the MacArthur Student Government. University Wide Vice President Brent Dell prepared a power-point presentation for the Senate, explaining the purpose and role of the University Wide Council, the roles of himself and Student Body President Ancel Pratt, and the role of the University Wide PAC.

“I actually learned a lot of important information at the retreat,” said returning senator, sophomore Candice Aurelus. “It was fun, but also very informative.”

The MacArthur Student Senate also convened for their first official meeting, where Speaker McLester swore them in. Business conducted at the meeting included approval of senate speaker pro-tempre, sophomore Heather Boyer, and parliamentarian, sophomore Maria Riccardi. The Senate also approved junior Henry Townsend for chief of staff, Kayley Malencia for director of marketing, and Shawn Beard for program board director.

The MacArthur Senate includes returning senators Speaker Mindy McLester, Carmen Blubaugh, Heather Boyer and Candice Aurelus, and new senators Ryan Raska, Walker Hicken, Maria Riccardi and Guadalupe Vargas. Their next meeting is June 23 at 6:00 p.m. in the MAC Conference Room.