Karaoke Night: singing, dancing and a whole lot more…

Loud music and a sudden outpouring of laughter grabbed my attention as I walked past Wackadoo’s. I entered to find two students boldly shaking their butts on stage and singing their rendition of Sir Mix Alots’ “Baby Got Back.”

Their performance ended with applause from the audience and one of the two students spanking themselves. This was one of the many karaoke performances seen at the Student Government-sponsored “Karaoke Night.”

Students who performed at the Sept. 24 event sang, laughed, and were given the chance to win prizes. The students involved were able to choose any music, from Queen to Eminem.

Once the decision of what to sing was made, all students had to do was sign up and fill in the song’s title with its code. With that done, they sat down, waited until their name was called, and enjoyed the other participants’ performances.

Many students hesitated before reaching the stage, turning their heads and staring at someone in the crowd. Others brought along an entourage as back-up singers.

Some students were nervous and stiff when they got on stage, focusing solely on the monitor to guide them. Most students, however, took the opportunity to have fun with their friends and act crazy for one night, occasionally inviting the crowd to join in and sing along.

One student was so into Michael Jackson’s song “Billy Jean” that he thought it was appropriate to toss his shoes into the crowd and moonwalk across the stage. Three men sitting at a table in front of him joined in on the fun and synchronized a few dance steps, winning the crowd over.

The night ended with two women getting in each other’s faces singing “The Boy is Mine” by Brandy and Monica and the winner of the contest being chosen.