Deeds Goes to Town & You Go to the Box Office

Adam Sandler, the former (“Saturday Night Live”) comedian, is once again the big draw in the newest happy-go-lucky flick to hit big screens everywhere, Mr. Deeds. If history repeats itself (and by the way, Mr. Deeds is indeed a loose remake of the 1936 Mr. Deeds Goes to Town), then critics will pan Sandler’s film while he laughs all the way to the box office bank.

Sandler plays Longfellow Deeds a pizza maker and wanna-be poet who unexpectedly inherits his uncle’s fortune along with 49% of his media empire. So it’s off to New York for Sandler who lays claim to his uncle’s monumental palatial domain, along with all the partying he can handle. But along with the riches comes a double-barreled dose of deceit.

An evil corporate honcho makes it his mission to gain control of Sandler’s new lion’s share. Meanwhile, beautiful Babe Bennett, played by the now infamous Winona Ryder, is a tabloid TV producer intent on passing herself off as an innocent school nurse to win Sandler’s story: the small town guy who was just bequeathed billions. Love blooms as Ryder rids herself of duplicitous intentions and falls head-over-heels for Sandler, that decent guy who doesn’t hesitate to pulverize people to politely keep them in line.

If you love Sandler, you’ll be enraptured by his newest offering, Mr. Deeds. Let the critics say what they want. The box office never lies and it’s a sure bet that with Mr. Deeds, Sandler’s star will be shining brighter than ever.

Rated: PG-13.