CD Review

After a two year hiatus since his award winning debut album /Aijuswanaseing/ (which featured the /Billboard/ hit “Sunny Just Friends”), Talib Johnson (aka Musiq or Musiq Soulchild) returns with his sophomore release /Juslisen/. 


Continuing to break grounds in the R&B industry, this Philadelphia native combines the elements of new school R&B beats, ingenious song writing, and the touch of his voice to preserve the Philly Sound with a “Nu Soul” twist.


In /Juslisen/, listeners are given 19 tracks to listen to: from love ballads to club hits, including the current hit that is climbing the R&B/Hip Hop /Billboard chart/,”Halfcrazy.” Along with “Halfcrazy,” Musiq also serenades his listeners with his tribute to the late George Harrison, in which he cover’s the ex-Beatles’ “Something.” 


Another song to look out for in Musiq’s album would be the bonus track “Ifiwouldaknew (girlnextdoor remix),” which has the over used hip hop beat from the song “One More Chance” beat by Notorious B.I.G. (also heard in Ashanti’s hit “Foolish”).  Musiq also introduces a newcomer to the R&B scene, Carol Riddick who joins him in the smooth grooving track “Bestfriend.”


These days, many connoisseurs of R&B music complain that there is no “originality” or “creativity” in the works presented by new artists. Those people haven’t heard /Juslisen/!  So if you’re into the “Nu-Soul” sounds of artists such as; D’ Angelo, Maxwell, or Remy Shand, pick up this album, you’ll love it!


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