Gopher Tortoises provide shelter and resources for other species at FAU's nature preserve —but they are in danger. Photo courtesy of FAU.

FAU’s threatened gopher tortoise population is disappearing

February 19, 2019

And if they die off, so do several other species.

Loggerhead turtle hatchlings. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

FAU study shows connection between climate change, sea turtle population rates

January 8, 2018

Sea-level rise, drought, and excess rainfall contribute to the change in population sizes.

Erika Hoff sits with a member of her linguistics study. Photo courtesy of FAU News Desk

FAU’s five most funded researchers

November 17, 2017

The school receives millions of dollars in research funding each year from the National Institutes of Health to make groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Photo courtesy of Florida Atlantic University.

New device from FAU researchers aims to treat sperm imperfections

June 16, 2016

Couples struggling with infertility in their relationship may have a new method to solve the problem thanks to a Florida Atlantic researcher.

Photo of Harbor Branch Oceanic Discovery Center courtesy of Harbor Branch's Facebook page.

Harbor Branch Campus showcasing oceanographic technology in first ever rotating exhibit

January 16, 2016

Less than five percent of the entire ocean has been explored to date, according to the National Ocean Service. But scientists at FAU's Harbor Branch have been developing tools and technology to discover what lies beneath the deep. On Saturday Jan. 16, the FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) will be unveiling a showcase that will feature the tools scientists and engineers of the institute use to explore the ocean. Named “Sight, Sound and Dynamics in the Sea: The Role of Technology in Ocean Exploration,” it will be Harbor Branch’s first ever rotating exhibit.

FAU has a New Face For its Neuroscience Department

FAU has a New Face For its Neuroscience Department

January 13, 2016

Neuroscience is one of Florida Atlantic’s four pillars the school believes to be integral in creating knowledge that benefits society. FAU’s new Brain Institute does just that, and starting in May, will feature a fresh face as its executive director, prominent neuroscientist Randy Blakely. Joining a program that has a history of excellence in neuroscience, despite it being so young, “is an exciting opportunity for me,” Blakely says.

Lightning Strikes above Innovation Village Apartment. Photo Illustration by Max Jackson | Staff Photographer

The Dangers of Lightning Over Campus

November 7, 2015

Florida Atlantic and University of Miami fans alike sat on the edge of their seats as UM led the football game on Sept. 11, when suddenly the sound of sirens from the lightning warning system went off. A collective sigh could be heard as the horns faded, and a delay was announced because of an oncoming å.

Photo by Andrew Fraieli 
| Science Editor

Study Tips From a Psychology Professor

October 16, 2015

Cramming is the stereotypical way of studying in college, but it’s a horrible way of doing so, according to professor of psychology Alan Kersten at FAU. “Cramming can lead to sleep deprivation,” said Kerston. “and coffee isn’t going to help.” To make more sense of how certain study tactics allow students to retain more and how others are a waste of time, Kersten explained the difference between short-term (or working memory) and long-term memory.

Illustrations by Ivan Benavides | Creative Director

How Video Games Affect The Mind

October 12, 2015

Walking into the far corner of the Student Union at the Boca Raton campus, the faint clicking of buttons, playful bickering and the occasional uproar can be heard: These are the tell-tale sounds of video games.

Photo by Emily Creighton | Features Editor

FAU closes four-year study on teen alcohol abuse

October 7, 2015

A lack of parental supervision may be to blame for alcohol abuse in teen girls, according to a recently published paper by the university. Psychology professor Brett Laursen, Ph.D student Daniel J. Dickson and colleagues at Orebro University in Sweden tracked 957 girls as test subjects for four years, having them respond to a survey each year. This survey included questions like “[From a rating of 1 to 3] My mother lets me decide what time I should be home at night,” and “Over the last month, how many times did you drink alcohol until you got drunk?” The study was focused

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Scripps gets $6 million for HIV/AIDS vaccine

September 29, 2015

A researcher working with The Scripps Research Institute on FAU’s Jupiter campus was awarded nearly $6 million to further develop an HIV/AIDS vaccine on Wednesday. The vaccine, created by Scripps professor Michael Farzan, has showed consistently effective results after being tested on lab animals. The grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will help fund his research for the next four years.

Photo courtesy of NASA's website

First Spacecraft To Pluto Makes History

July 14, 2015

Today New Horizons, a grand piano-sized spacecraft mounted with cameras and sensors, is hurtling past Pluto and the Kuiper Belt at 9,000 miles per hour, finishing its initial nine-and-a-half year, historical journey into the outermost parts of our solar system.