Andrew Gillum plans to enact gun control if he wins the election, and is also in favor of cheaper college education. Photo courtesy of Andrew Gillum's Facebook

Opinion: Fight for our democracy — vote for Andrew Gillum

November 2, 2018

We need a governor who stands for the marginalized and working class, not for the privileged and wealthy.

Ron DeSantis wants to protect citizens' rights to bear arms and plans to lower taxes across the state, should he win the election. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Opinion: Don’t lose your freedoms  — vote for Ron DeSantis

November 2, 2018

I don’t go to college with the end goal of paying high taxes when I graduate. Why should you?

A sign stands near the FAU basketball arena two years ago informing students they could vote on the Boca campus. The same opportunity will be available to students who are registered to vote in Palm Beach tomorrow, Aug. 28. Photo courtesy of Ryan Lynch

The University Press’ guide to the upcoming primary election

August 27, 2018

We break down who’s running for Senate, governor, and Congress.

A student wipes away a tear during a Parkland shooting vigil held on the Boca campus March 16. Joshua Giron | Photo Editor

Students discuss gun violence, mental health six weeks after Parkland

March 30, 2018

In recent weeks, students have taken part in two demonstrations protesting gun violence at FAU

At just 22 years old, Doug Oberman would be the youngest House representative in the state of Florida. Photo courtesy of Doug Oberman.

At 22 years old, Doug Oberman is running for office

April 8, 2016

You may have heard Doug Oberman’s name read off a class roster. Soon, Broward residents will also read it on a ballot.

Illustration by Ivan Benavides

Students split in support of Sanders

January 19, 2016

Alan Friederwitzer, is an 18-year-old college student, but he’ll be voting for a 74-year-old Jewish man in the upcoming election. And he hopes you do too. Bernie Sanders, a self described democratic socialist, even has an on-campus club supporting the candidate — Owls for Bernie, with Friederwitzer acting as the club’s president. Through organized viewing parties, promoting in the Breezeway, getting students registered and fundraising, the club hopes to get Sanders elected. “There are issues only he can tackle,” Friederwitzer said. “Whatever you are — conservative or liberal — we should all agree that we need less corporate involvement. We need military expenditure reform, criminal justice reform, Wall Street reform … and these should not be debatable.”

Photo by the EPA.

Environmental Protection Agency faces Republican reform, Boca representative will get second swing

March 10, 2015

aking its way to the House of Representatives for consideration is Bill H.R. 1030, dubbed the Secret Science Reform Act of 2015....