Ken Fleck, 41, preaches on Tuesday afternoon at the Boca campus. Photo by Alex Liscio

Students protest Tuesday after anti-LGBT preacher returns to campus

January 24, 2020

Ken Fleck, a preacher that visits cities and campuses across the nation, came to FAU for the second time this semester — and plans to come again soon.

Ken didn't preach at FAU for a little over a month after getting hit by a golf cart, but he came back this Wednesday to continue his work. Photo by Hope Dean

Anti-LGBT preacher returns to Boca campus despite being struck by golf cart

April 10, 2019

Ken said he will not press charges against the driver.

Sophomore English major Rihanna Davis holds up the man's sign that she stole and ripped in half. Photo by  Sophie Siegel

Students protest anti-gay preacher on campus

January 15, 2019

About fifty students gathered around the unnamed man near the end of the Breezeway to speak their minds.