If members of the sorority Sigma Kappa make social media posts deemed inappropriate by another member, they're sent dove emojis that notify them to remove the post, according to their constitution. No such policies are on fraternities' constitutions. Illustration by Kristen Grau

Sorority dress codes, social media rules more regulated and restrictive than fraternities’

June 9, 2019

The laws laid out in sorority and fraternity constitutions vary by organization, but some of those differences are harder on women.

The founding members of Pi Kappa Phi’s Kappa Delta 
chapter at their chartering event in April. Photo by Max Jackson.

New Greeks on the block

September 27, 2015

Built on the concept of a “Nu Phi,” meaning “non-fraternity,” today’s Pi Kappa Phi brothers continue to embrace this philosophy.

Evan Camejo gives a speech at Pi Kappa Phi’s chartering event on Saturday night at Lakeside Terrace in Boca Raton, FL. Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Pi Kappa Phi Brother Takes a ‘Journey of Hope’ Across America

April 20, 2015

his summer Florida Atlantic senior Evan Camejo won't be spending his break hitting the beach or doing keg stands. Instead, he ...