FAU community divided in opinion of the university’s vaccine incentive program

When the program was announced on Aug. 30, comments and concerns from the community came pouring in on FAU’s and the UP’s social media pages.


Kendall Little, Managing Editor

The university announced the details of its vaccine incentive program on Aug. 30 and received feedback from students and faculty immediately. Based on a poll conducted by the UP, the FAU community is split in opinion regarding the program with some praising it and others disagreeing with it entirely.

The results of a poll shared to followers of the UP’s Instagram page, @upressonline.

The UP randomly selected individuals who responded to our social media polls regarding the vaccine incentive program and asked their opinions on it. Responses were edited for grammar and condensed for clarity.

Gian-Luca Estebanez believes that the university shouldn’t have to incentivize students to get vaccinated and that their personal choice shouldn’t be swayed by an incentive.

Gian-Luca Estebanez


Communications major

“I feel like you shouldn’t have to incentivize people to vaccinate because the people who aren’t vaccinating have made up their minds already about a reason. Whether that reason is because of how fast it was developed, potential side effects, or even a religious exemption, people shouldn’t be tempted with incentives to do something they don’t want to do.”

Dr. Angela D. Nichols believes that the incentive program is a great way to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Dr. Angela D. Nichols

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

“I think the incentive program is a good idea. The more vaccinated people on campus, the better. It’s nice the administration is offering an incentive. It’s a great way to solve a collective action problem. Our governor doesn’t support mandates for masks or vaccines, so incentives are the best option we have right now for encouraging folks to get vaccinated.”

Maddie King shared that while she is vaccinated, she feels safer knowing the people around her are also vaccinated.

Maddie King


Communications major 

“I’m glad FAU has started the incentive program because, even though I am vaccinated, I feel safer knowing that the people around me are vaccinated. I’ve known some people who have been on the fence about the vaccine or just never really bothered to get it and I hope this program encourages people like them to get vaccinated.”

Kareen Celestin


Health science major

“Any vaccine incentive program is amazing, but as a fully vaccinated person it  would still feel nice to [be] rewarded or recognized for efforts as well if they’re going to start doing that for new people who also get fully vaccinated anyway. We’ll have the same status but only because they got vaccinated later rather than sooner, they’ll be rewarded.”

André Rajoo thinks the incentive program is a good idea, but wishes it applied to those who have already been vaccinated.

André Rajoo


Cellular neuroscience major

“I think the incentive program is good and will entice people to get vaccinated. I wish people who were vaccinated in the past would be eligible for the incentive. It’s a good idea for getting more people vaccinated.”

Sarah Leitner wishes that the university would offer a smaller payment to students who can show proof of already being vaccinated.

Sarah Leitner


Music education

“I think it’s a great incentive to get students who wouldn’t get the vaccine otherwise. One thing I would change is possibly providing a smaller incentive for students who can show proof of being previously vaccinated. Get vaccinated today, there’s no reason not to.”

Jonathan Gloria thinks that the university should have offered incentives much earlier.

Jonathan Gloria

Post-bachelors in political science 

“I think it’s shameful the university waited this long to incentivize. There [were] never any issues obtaining [a vaccine]. I got my vaccine when it was my turn early in the year.”

Walker Booth thinks the incentive program is great and wants every student to know about it.

Walker Booth


Theater major

“I have been vaccinated since March [and] I really like the incentive program! Initially I was surprised they were offering that much money but I think it’s a good way for people to get vaccinated and it will help a lot of people! There’s not really anything I would change about the program, I would just want to make sure all students at least know about it.”

Meenal Rathod says that there are people in her country who are willing to pay for the vaccine, so she doesn’t understand why students in the United States won’t receive a vaccine for free.

Meenal Rathod


Business major

“Honestly, this is such a good thing [that] FAU is doing. There are people in my country who are willing to pay to get the vaccine. They are going out of their ways to get the vaccine so I don’t see how people here are running away from the vaccine.”

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