Star Wars fans come together for an evening of activities

The release of the Star Wars movie “Rogue One” this past December inspired the event.


Nicholas George, member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club rushes the opposing team in laser tag. Alexander Rodriguez | Contributing Photographer

Alexander Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Star Wars fans came together on the Housing Lawn at the Boca campus on Thursday night to enjoy an evening of arts and crafts and laser tag.

The Star Wars themed event is the first of its kind that was hosted by FAU’s Program Board, who also recently held themed events for Harry Potter and Disney.

“We wanted students to come out and relieve stress after any tests they have taken this week,” said Gabby Barrozzi, a junior marketing major and member of Program Board at the Boca campus.

The Housing Lawn was filled with inflatables to create the laser tag arena. Students were split into two groups and given blasters to shoot one another with.

The inflatables and laser guns were provided by Laser Tag of Miami.

Some students came out for the arts and crafts to create luminance galaxy shirts and necklaces. Program Board provided the shirts for students to color and necklaces to create.

Summer Sipes and Haley Mckenzie, both sophomore business majors, worked on their shirts throughout the night.

“I love Star Wars and a free event for Star Wars is great for students who already pay a lot for school,” said Sipes.

Sebastian James, a sophomore film and television major, came to the event to enjoy a night out with his friends Sipes and Mckenzie.

“I’ve watched Star Wars as a little kid and ever since I’ve been a huge fan,” said James.

While students were spread out across the area playing laser tag and making shirts and necklaces, music was playing in the background — but not only Star Wars songs were playing. Music genres from hip-hop, to Latin, to today’s hits were playing during the event.

“Our goal here is for students to have fun,” said Richard Mahler, assistant director for Student Activities & Involvement and an advisor to Program Board.

It was a night filled with activities for Star Wars fans to come together and enjoy the night.

“The Program Board hosts a new event almost every week and we are planning for a Hypnotist show for our next event,” Barrozzi said.

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