Yik Yak Shooting Threat: Students React On Social Media

The threat happened on social media — so did students’ reactions


The threats of one student on Yik-Yak Tuesday is causing increased police presence on the breezeway. Greg Cox | Managing Editor

Ryan Lynch, Sports Editor

Tension is still high within the student body after a Florida Atlantic student was held in custody because of a shooting threat he was accused of posting on Yik Yak Tuesday night.

Despite the FAU police department’s tweet announcing that, some students didn’t relax after hearing the news.

Many posted about the additional campus officers in the Breezeway, the area the student said he would target in his post. One disappointed student on Yik Yak said “Special Announcement: Regarding the shooting threat FAU assigned one cop in the breezeway to safeguard us.”

Another said “Everybody be (sic) eying each other in the breezeway today.”

Over Twitter, many of the students showed their relief that the shooter was found. A few students’ tweets became evidence for officers on the case, as they helped bring the threats to the department’s attention as well as provided screenshots of the post.

Check out some of the student reactions below:

Jordan Whissell convo with PD 001

Katrina Scales Screenshot 002

EricDunn tweet 003

Alberto Jordat Jr tweet 004

Denis Zimero tweet 005

Teresea tweet 006