Column: 2015 State of the University: What wasn’t addressed

The one person I wanted to hear from didn’t tell me anything.


Kathryn Edmunds, the student body president addresses the crowd. Photo by Mohammed F Emran | Staff Photograher

Emily Creighton, Features editor

This year’s State of the University Address left me with more questions than answers.

Typically, the Address involves a speech from the student body president discussing the condition of the university and how they plan to better the university community. But this year, Student Body President Kathryn Edmunds changed it to be a Technology, Entertainment and Design talk of sorts.

She wanted to let the students be heard. I didn’t know that meant she’d stay mum – besides giving introductions and a couple closing statements – for the entire two-hour event.

“When attempting to find the best way to share the state of our student body, I did not believe there was a better way to show off who we are as the Owl community rather than allowing students to do it themselves,” said Edmunds. “Our students are the future. It was a call to action for every student to stand up and be the change.”

I thought this was her time to share what she hoped to accomplish and how she planned to do it during her year at the helm of Student Government.

While I applaud the students who shared their personal stories (you can find our recap of presenters here), I felt that it wasn’t the time or place.

Edmunds ran unopposed for her position, so as not only a reporter, but as a student, I wanted to learn more about her. I wanted to hear what she’s working on, how she plans to “be the change” as she has encouraged others to do, how she plans to make Florida Atlantic the place that she and the students want it to be and so forth.

I got none of that.

I can’t be the only student wondering what’s going on with the so-called “Tranquility Zone” that SG spent $2,598 on massage chairs for. What about the fact that they changed the location of the Rat’s Mouth against the wishes of over 550 students who signed a petition?

Former Student Body President Michael Cepeda said, “I think, as with every student body president, we all try to put our own leadership style/taste into our administration and events. The State of the University event for me is meant to be a chance to speak to the entire community about where Student Government is at, where it’s going and what we need to do to get there.”

Last year, Cepeda spoke on topics that included various programs he was working to implement, and in 2013, former Student Body President Robert Huffman touched on his proudest accomplishment during his time in office.

These are the subjects I was looking for Edmunds to address – the actions she is taking to make students’ time at FAU more enjoyable.

So, as much as I wish I could tell you about what SG has in store to make your college experience better – I can’t.

Emily Creighton is the Features editor for the University Press. If you would like to contact her about this story or others, email her at [email protected].