Owl Eyes on SG: Broken statutes result in untracked bills

Photo courtesy of SG

Photo courtesy of SG

Gregory Cox, Managing Editor

On June 26, the University Press reported that the current Speaker of the House Robert Marriaga was conducting an investigation regarding the “misplacement” of an unknown number of bills passed by the Boca House of Representatives.

To prevent things like this from happening, there are statutes that act as guidelines for responsibilities in student government. To get a better understanding of what happened, let’s break down what happens to a bill once it is passed.

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Somewhere along the line, someone got confused and didn’t do their job. Take a look at the chart below to see who was in power during the mishap.

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Another alternative is that these bills were put through the proper measures, but were shut down by Corey King, the Vice President of Student Affairs, whose veto cannot be overruled. This is what happened to a bill submitted in late April that would have allocated money to purchase new speakers in the breezeway.

This still does not explain what happened to the bill that was passed to allocate money for Night Owls, the on campus taxi service, to buy a new golf cart needed to replace two older, damaged golf carts.

It would have been the former speaker of the house Casey Martin’s job to provide the house with an update regarding the state of said bills each semester, with a Legislative Report. The report for spring 2015 was never completed, according to Marriaga.

Now that Martin is the Vice President, he presides over the Senate, similar to the Speaker in the house of representatives.

Nicholas Blume, the treasurer for the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet, worries that now that Martin is the vice president, bills in the senate will have a similar fate to those that went unaccounted for in the house.

Martin did not respond to requests for comment by publication time.

Blume also explained that because of this lack of diligence, the bills would need to be reintroduced to the house, and funded out of the 2015-2016 year’s budget.

Both the bill for new breezeway speakers and the Night Owls golf cart are scheduled to be on the agenda for this Fridays house meeting.

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