UPDATE: Student, cyclist collide near Breezeway


Max Jackson

A picture from the orginal accident, which took place on Monday February 23rd. Photo by Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Gregory Cox, Contributing Writer

UPDATE 3/1: According to FAU Police Department’s report, resident student Lakecia Monique McFadden, 22, was struck by Palm Beach State College student, James Christakis, 18, while Christakis was riding his bike through the Free Speech Area of the Boca Raton Campus.

“Christakis stated that he saw the female walk in front of him and he attempted to stop, but it was too late,” police said.

McFadden, dazed and left with a laceration on her left cheek, was taken to Boca Raton Regional Hospital where she received stitches. That evening, an officer made contact with McFadden where she stated she was in “good health and had minor pain, which included a headache.”

The University Press was unable to reach McFadden for comment.


The cyclist is pictured above (white shirt) at the scene of the incident. Photo by Sabrina Martinez
The cyclist is pictured above (white shirt) at the scene of the incident. Photo by Sabrina Martinez

Around 3:20 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 23, a Florida Atlantic student walking from class was hit between the Breezeway and Social Science Building by another student riding a bicycle.

“She was coming around the golf cart which was parked out there and the kid was coming the other way on a bike and just slammed right into her,” said criminal justice major Nataly Masutier who helped the victim after the incident.

According to witnesses, the victim’s name was Leticia. No other information is known about her at this time.

“She had a huge gash on her face and her head hurt and she had to lay down for a little while. She was in and out of consciousness,” Masutier continued. “I just kept asking her if she was ok and she just said her head hurt a little bit, but she was fine and was answering questions.”

The girl was quickly taken away in an ambulance to a nearby hospital. Four police officers were on the scene collecting witness statements regarding the situation, but declined to comment. The cyclist also refused to comment.

Emily Creighton contributed reporting to this story.

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