Alex & Sierra debut “Scarecrow,” the first single off their upcoming album

Alex & Sierra premier their debut single ‘Scarecrow’ and it could be the biggest pop-folk song of the year

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the debut single from “X-Factor” season three champions Alex & Sierra. The wait is finally over.

The duo premiered their pop-folk single “Scarecrow” early Tuesday morning and it was well worth the wait.

The track is a catchy tune where the two share an equal amount of visibility on the track and their voices are a perfect compliment to one another.

The two sing of the hardships of love and the challenges relationships face. It’s a melody we all can sing to. “I know you’ve been hurt, but I swear I’m here for good. I’ll never leave,” Sierra sings to Alex in the second verse. It will only take a few listens before you find yourself humming and tapping your feet to this record.

Co-written by the duo themselves, along with contributing writers Martin Johnson (frontman of pop-rock band Boys Like Girls) and Sam Hollander, the song delivers heartfelt metaphors that would make the emptiest of hearts feel love again.

“You used to be my solid ground, now I’m drowning in the sea,” the two chant throughout the chorus.

As a whole, the song is just what fans could have expected from the group who were the first and only duo to win the “X-Factor.”

I give “Scarecrow” a thumbs up for being easy on the ears and heavy in the feels.

Alex & Sierra will be releasing their debut album later in 2014.

“Scarecrow” will be officially released on iTunes June 2. Listen to the song and watch their lyric video (which is just as cute as the song is) here:


Favorite lyrics:

You stand there like a scarecrow

and I’m beggin you to speak

you use to be my solid ground

and now I’m drowning in the sea

And I just wanna believe in you and me