FAU Dancers Create Their Own Performances And Show Them Off On Stage

Image courtesy of sxc.hu.
Image courtesy of sxc.hu.

FAU student/teacher dancers and choreographers showcased their artistic and athletic abilities in this semester’s “Dances We Dance: Spring Fling” show on Friday, April 25 at 1 p.m.

Every semester, dancers and choreographers perform a variety of dance styles and genres at the University Theater. This year’s dance styles included hip-hop, contemporary, modern, jazz and ballroom.

All three dance teachers at FAU — Danielle Dade, Crystal Patient, and Clarence Brooks — choreographed a piece that was performed in the show. Solos, choreographed by the dancers performing the routines, portrayed an immense amount of emotion through their movements.

The Pulse Dance Troupe, a dance club on campus, performed their two routines, one contemporary and one hip-hop, choreographed by FAU students Illana Armida and Akeem Edwards.

The performance that grabbed the most attention from the audience was a solo piece performed by Joanna Martin to the song “Turning Tables” by Adele. The dance titled “Love … Is … War” was choreographed by both Martin and Sha’Quana Jones. Martin’s emotions were easily visible through her movements and facial expressions, and judging by the audience’s excited cheers and encouraging statements, it was obvious they could see it too.

Hyun Jung Choi, a senior English major said that her favorite performance was the dance choreographed by Clarence Brooks. This choreography was truly beautiful as Brooks had the dancers resemble an ocean with their movements and props.

Choi also said that the performance that stood out the most was the dance choreographed by Danielle Dade because it was so meaningful. The dance portrayed modern struggles of stereotypes and the judgements made by others.

Costumes played an important role in this dance. Dancers wore a two-piece costume with the top layer showing the type of person (athlete, dancer, Jewish, preppy and Catholic) and through their movements, the stereotypes were shown. Towards the end of the performance, the dancers lifted up the top layer of their costume to show the word “HUMAN” underneath it.

Overall the performances had a lot of variety and it was interesting to see the range of dance being performed in one setting. The crowd was excited about this show and showed an abundance of enthusiasm with their cheers.