As Brutal As it Gets: The FAU Spelling Bee

Photo courtesy of the English Department.
Photo courtesy of the English Department.

Do you like annihilation? If so, you should seek professional help.

Do you like watching people suffer as they try to spell the word “annihilation” in front of a large crowd? If so, here’s an event you’ll love.

This Friday, March 14, at 3 p.m., FAU’s English Club is hosting a Spelling Bee for English majors, who will be competing for the glory of the department as well as a $20 Visa Gift Card.

“I’m so excited for this, I had to get a prescription for Xanax,” said one of the judges, the English Department’s Director of Writing Programs Barclay Barrios. “This is my first spelling bee, but I’m judging people constantly.”

Twentieth Century British Literature teacher Eric Berlatsky — one of the teachers competing in the Bee — is confident he will win, having been in at least five different spelling bees previously. He said, “I’ve been reading my whole life to learn how to spell.”

In response to Berlatsky’s confident comment, the captain of the student’s team released a statement to the University Press:

“It is by all means an honor to be the captain of the student team in this upcoming spelling bee, and we are looking forward to soundly trouncing the professors,” said Cameron McCaffrey, a senior English major.

When asked to predict whether the students or teachers would win this Bee, sophomore English major Danielle Fontana, another member of the student team, said, “I should probably say students, right?”

Despite the contestants teasing comments, English Club sponsor Shantelle Maxwell explained that the purpose of the event is to bring together students and faculty in and out of the classroom setting. Maxwell said it helps that the spelling bee could be “free, on campus and fun.”

If you’re interested in watching the Spelling Bee, you can find it this Friday at 3 p.m. in the Culture & Society Building (CU 321) on the Boca Raton campus.