Maddy’s Movies: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the man in his new outrageous movie, “Don Jon”

Maddy Mesa


Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The man can officially do it all. He acts, writes, directs and his new movie “Don Jon” is a masterpiece. A masterpiece, that is, if porn doesn’t bother you.

No, no, talented Gordon-Levitt didn’t make a porno — I wish though. But his new movie, (which I got to see early thanks to a special screening ticket from OwlTV) is all about the complications of a man named Jon and his addiction to porn.

Gorgeous Jon takes care of his body, his pad, his ride, goes to church with his family every Sunday and gets all the ladies.

“Why do you think my boys call me the Don?” Gordon-Levitt says.

Yes, he does get all the ladies, but even though he’s getting all kind of “pussy,” Jon says “it’s not as good as porn.”

Jon loses himself in porn and this leads to some problems when he get serious with a “dime” — that’s a 10 on the hotness scale — Barbara Sugarman (an awesome Scarlett Johansson at her Jersey-best).

So what’s a guy to do?

This movie is great. All around amazing. His first time writing and directing a major film (Gordon-Levitt has also directed shorts for his production company hitRecord), Gordon-Levitt does an amazing job balancing one man’s porno problem with humor and seriousness.

Jon’s family is also great. Tony Danza as Jon Sr. is this ultra-Italian father, always watching TV at family meals. His mother, played by Glenne Headly, just wants Jon to be happy (and to get married and to have children so she can be a grandmother — sound familiar?). And his always texting sister, Monica, is a silent riot played by Brie Larson.

But Jon can’t keep this porn “addiction” hidden from his girl forever. And when Barbara finds out —  “Movies and porno are different, Jon. They give awards for movies!” — Jon’s life seems to get a little out of control.

But with all its humor, “Don Jon” movie has great character development. And I don’t know about you, but I really love great character development. Jon begins questioning why he prefers porno when he can go out and get the real thing. It takes eccentric Esther (a charismatic Julianne Moore) to question his porn routine that’s been going on for the past several years.

Now like I said earlier, this movie is mainly about porn. You are going to see a lot of images and videos of porn and sex and tits, so be warned — or take notes.

I give this movie three and a half salty tissues. Or a B+. I love this movie. I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I don’t like seeing a lot of tits and porn, but that’s just me.