FAU students start Summer B with a night of laughs from comedians Gary D., Rayzor and R.J.

Joey Weisler

FAU’s Boca campus is usually quiet over the summer.   But on Thursday June 27, about 200 FAU students and guests gathered in  Live Oak A for a free comedy show, featuring comedians R.J, Gary D., and Rayzor.

The comedy show was part of FAU’s Summer Splash calendar, which features on-campus activities taking place until August 4.

The night started with R.J. expressing his delight for the turnout to the free event, but pleading to audience members who were walking in and out, “we can’t afford no one to leave no more!”

“Come back in for the same price you paid the first time you entered!”  Laughter roared as Comedian R.J. appealed to his Floridian crowd by talking about the Miami Heat basketball team.

In celebration of the Heat winning the 2013 championship two weeks ago, R.J. talked about the finals, and impersonated some of the players. “Do you all remember how Lebron James made that last shot?”  He moved swiftly to demonstrate to the room full of fans.

The special guest of the evening, Gary D.,  is an FAU alumnus.

When Gary D.’s microphone broke in the middle of his routine, he shared with the audience that the poor equipment supplied by FAU has yet to be replaced — even years after his graduation.

Knowing his audience of FAU students, Gary D. asked each student to look to their left.  “If you don’t smoke weed, the person you’re looking at to your left probably does.”

The last comedian of the night, Rayzor,  a single dad from Brooklyn, was inspired by Eddie Murphy to become a comedian and talk to students all over the country.  In the past, Rayzor, who refers to himself as “The JAmerican King of Comedy,” worked on ET shows, as well as with P. Diddy on HBO’s “Bad Boys of Comedy.”

“Being that I was once a freshman, I like to add humor to the college experience to ease students in those discomforting moments,” Rayzor said after hitting the stage.

He talked about the importance of having a “well-balanced college life.”

Well-balanced to him meant studying and having sex.

“The most important thing to do in college is to fuck, since you won’t have the time of day to do it once you graduate,” Rayzor said.  “It’s what college is all about –– if you’re paying with financial aid, you must make sure you use your thousands of dollars to  get the full college experience.”

His sexually explicit references made him very relatable to the room full of students, who were rollling in their seats out of breath.

“I found Rayzor’s content relatable and enjoyable,” Vasharia Hendrix, a freshman nursing major, said. “He was very down-to-earth and easy to relate to,” commented Chelsie Oakley, a  freshman criminal justice major.

The comedy night was promoted through flyers posted around campus by Program Board. Many of audience members were first-week freshman, and several of those members were attending their first stand-up comedy show.

Program Board director Lindsay Rinner found the event to be a success.  “Summer programming is hard  so we were very pleased with 200 [guests],” Rinner said.  “The comedians were great and we were able to choose them due to their availability and access, especially since Rayzor had weight to his name.”

For the complete list of Summer Splash events, visit: http://www.fau.edu/fye/Summer_splash-1.php