FAU police lieutenant under sexual harassment investigation over a five year old complaint

Monica Ruiz

Last month, FAU police Lt. Larry Ervin was under a sexual harassment investigation for allegations made five years ago. The complaint, filed by a woman who works in the police department, said he “put his hands on her breast while saying ‘Those are nice,’” and grabbed her hand and placed it on his erection and told her “he thinks of her when he masturbates.”

The investigation lasted one day.

On Dec. 21, 2011 the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs received the complaint from the woman, whose name was not released. Because the complaint happened in 2007, investigators told her she had 180 days to file the complaint from when the alleged incident happened. According to the complaint, the woman told the investigator Ervin was recently “boasting about the incident, and his boastful behavior was creating a hostile work environment for her.”

The woman originally told her supervisor about the incident in 2007, but only said, “Ervin made inappropriate comments to her and made her uncomfortable.”

The woman claimed he was recently bragging about the incident to other officers, but she was unable to provide the investigator with any witnesses.

During the investigation, Ervin denied the allegations in 2007 and the recent complaints about bragging. He said he talked to the woman five years ago when the original complaint was brought up, but hasn’t spoken to her since.

According to the complaint, “Lieutenant Ervin said his behavior may have been rnisconstrued at the time but there was no intent to harass. He denied ever touching [the woman].”

After the 2007 incident, she was told Ervin would no longer be allowed to enter her work area but claims nothing was done to keep him out. The end of the investigation showed no harassment.