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Traditions, changes and more traditions

Student Body Governor, Ryan Ebanks, gave a short State of the Campus address in Traditions Plaza on Sept. 22. Photo by Christine Capozziello.

A new religious center and a program to help students conduct research may be coming to FAU, according to Boca Campus Governor Ryan Ebanks.

On September 22, Ebanks gave the annual Boca Raton State of the Campus address at Traditions Plaza, in front of the campus book store. He touched on subjects like student government-sponsored events, developing traditions and the two aforementioned new programs he hopes to create on campus.

The first, suggested by the Muslim Student Association, is to create a place for religious services. “They pray about five times a day,” Ebanks said. “It will be a good way to help students get religious support.”

The second, Ebanks said, will help undergrads conduct research, which will help them prepare for grad school. It’s also meant to help retain students. “The students with A’s and good test scores don’t really need a boost. This will help the average student get research credibility and experience to be more attractive to universities.”

Ebanks also related the expanding changes to FAU’s Living Room Theater popping up on Fandango.com, a website for looking up movie information and show times. When he noticed this he said, “I ran through the room screaming with excitement.”

In reference to the new football stadium and Innovation Village Apartments, Ebanks said, “It will challenge students to not only get an education, but create traditions.”

Ebanks commented on SG events, “Boca events are above and beyond, incredible,” and thanked his advisors and SG members. He also anticipates the annual bonfire, homecoming and midnight madness. “These events will become FAU traditions over time.”

These changes are also an effort to excite new freshmen about FAU, he said. “You need to build up on freshmen, it translates to their four year experience,” said Ebanks. “College is a micro-environment where you can get a cultural and educational experience and become more well rounded. We’re investing in students to make them better people in life.”

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  • J

    JamesSep 28, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Where does it end, do we build a “religious center” for every religion on campus? We’d have to devote a whole side of campus just for all the different religious centers, it’s ridiculous. Get serious SGA.

  • F

    FAU StudentSep 26, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    While it is great for students of all religions to be able to express their religious views, using student funds via SG to build a center for Muslim students is against everything the SG funds are delegated for…While any sort of building project at FAU will take decades to complete (i.e. greek housing…) I am SG is even considering this, why don’t we start with some more realistic ideas to start building tradition.

  • D

    DaveSep 26, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Public student money can not and should not be used to build what’s basically a church on campus. There are plenty of churches RIGHT OFF CAMPUS to the east. There is no justifiable reason to waste precious space and public funding on projects like that.