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Skating on thin ice

The Ice Hockey Club is no stranger to obstacles. Most of those come in the form of six-foot, 250-pound goalies standing in the way of victory. But those aren’t the only challenges the team will be facing this season.

Two major obstacles stand in the way of the team as it starts its new season. First is the ineligibility of two of last year’s key players. Sophomore forward Jordan Disney and junior forward Grant Grosky are both ineligible due to academics.

The second obstacle is a huge financial burden. The hockey club’s budget, according to assistant coach Scott Grosky, is approximately $80,000 per season. However, the budget doesn’t cover gear for the players. If a player breaks a stick, or needs a new helmet, which happens frequently in the sport, he’ll be paying for it. Not only that, but the players pay $3,000 a season to play, not including their food and gas expenses for away games.

“My first fear is that lack of finances will keep players from participating,” said Grosky. “Hockey is very expensive, and unfortunately, we haven’t received recognition as being a worthy club at the school, and not due to lack of effort.”

Also according to Grosky, the university gives the club an additional $1,400 a year — not nearly enough to cover the high cost of the sport.

“If you look at UCF, they get $40,000 from their school, and USF also gets like $40,000,” said Grosky. “What’s so special about them?”

Despite the burden, most players are willing to pay because of their dedication to and love for the sport.

“We have to pay everything out of our own pocket,” said club president and captain Nick Pacquée. “But if you want to play, you’re going to do what you have to do to make the money to play.”

With a schedule that features top-ranked Florida Gulf Coast University, the Owls will have their hands full.

“I’m looking forward to the game against Florida Gulf Coast because they are ranked the highest and we lost to thelast year,” said senior forward Armand Asinmaz. “But I think this year is going to be different.”

Last year the team barely missed the top ten in its region, which would have qualified them for regionals in the American Collegiate Hockey Association. According to Grosky, the team knows that they have to improve in multiple facets in order to defeat a top-ranked school this season.

“Hopefully we’ll make it to regionals this year,” said Pacquée. “That’s our goal every year, and nationals after that. I thinkwe got the team for it this year.”


A local celebrity

FAU’s Ice Hockey Club has a new head coach.

Former Florida Panther Peter Worrell starts this season in his new position at FAU. According to assistant coach Scott Grosky, Worrell is a great addition to the staff and the team is thrilled to have him.

“I’m excited, we got Pete as our coach,” said captain Nick Pacquée, a graduate student. “I’ve known Pete a while and we’ve been wanting him to coach forever, so this is great.”

Worrell brings a lot of knowledge of the game to FAU. With seven years of experience in the NHL under his belt, the team hopes to use his knowledge to help the team regain its position as one of the top teams in Florida.

“We used to be one of the top programs, but then Hurricane Wilma blew the roof off this building [Saveology.com Iceplex in Coral Springs] and our team went away, but now we’re back with a new coach,” said Pacquée.

For more info on the new coach and on the club, visit fauhockey.com.



Date          Opponent     Home/Away

Sept. 24      Embry Riddle    HOME

Sept. 25      Embry Riddle    HOME

Oct. 2          FIT                     AWAY

Oct. 8          FIT                     HOME

Oct. 22        FGCU                HOME

Oct. 23        FGCU                AWAY

Nov. 12       UCF                   AWAY

Nov. 13       UCF                   AWAY

Nov. 19       USF                    HOME

Nov. 20       USF                    HOME

Jan. 7          UCF                   HOME

Jan. 8          UCF                   HOME

Jan. 14        USF*                  AWAY

Jan. 15        USF*                  AWAY

Jan. 16        USF*                  AWAY

Jan. 21        Embry Riddle     AWAY

Jan. 22        Embry Riddle     AWAY

Jan. 28         GCU                 HOME

Jan. 29         FGCU                AWAY

Feb. 4         UF                      HOME

Feb. 5          UF                   HOME

Feb. 18 – 20   Regionals

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