It’s always dramatic to watch doctors sweating and yelling under the bright lights in an operating room, then suddenly hear the dreaded long beeeeeeeeppppp that can only mean one thing, and the looming words, “time of death…” But this time, it’s not a scripted scene from a movie or “Grey’s Anatomy” – it’s a real life scene from a documentary.

The latest episode of the reality/documentary hybrid series, “Hopkins,” opened with a gunshot victim dying in the ER – and it’s all real.

The show is sure to balance the morbid with the inspiring. Later in the show, a 19-year-old boy finally gets a heart transplant – and they’re likely to show every disgusting detail of the surgery. The show also opens the door and lets viewers see into the not-so-perfect life of doctors that the movies don’t show. The transplant team missed their flight and had to wait around on a South Carolina runway with a heart in a cooler that was slowly becoming less usable.

Despite the cheesy attempt to market itself as the “real-life ‘Grey’s Anatomy'” (see video below) by using a similar soundtrack and peppering some of the scenes with gossip between the interns and the residents, the show pulls off some amazing entertainment that’s much better than any episode of “Grey’s.”

Check out “Hopkins” Thursdays at 10 p.m.