Inside FAU Idol

Recently I participated in the first audition for the next FAU Idol. The FAU competition, sponsored by Owl TV, had been introduced three years earlier and inspired by the hit television show. After the creator of FAU Idol graduated the contest temporarily stopped. FAU Idol came out of rehab and re-invented itself with greater prizes like a record deal with Hoot recordings and a rumor that the winner will open for the next big act at FAU.

Waiting outside the Owl TV studio I noticed various other participants filling out forms and patiently waiting for their turn. I never thought I would get nervous singing because I had done it for so many years, but somehow I did when I saw all the cameras on me as I began my song.

The term “camera fright” came to mind and I was forced to start again after I forgot the first line of my song! But as soon as I started again it began to flow more naturally. It was definitely a positive experience and I commend the organizers of the event for doing an excellent job.