The Fortune That We’re Given

This is life: raw, uncut, real and tough. At birth, we’re all dealt a hand from a deck of possibilities, and during our journey, the hand we are dealt may change.

Sometimes, the deal may seem misfortunate-it may appear to put people at a disadvantage-but, more often than not, people overcome these challenges; they don’t give in to what might be labeled “disability,” “tragedy” or “hard times.”

Overcoming adversity demonstrates the sheer might of the human spirit; it shows that strength is often found in challenge and strife. In essence, life is one opportunity for growth after another, and it’s when people see past the struggle and take that opportunity when the most growth is available.

In this issue, the UP takes an in-depth look at students who have not let “misfortune” stop them from succeeding, people who faced adversity head-on and came out on top, often more fortunate than those who never had the notion of a bad deal.

Like in the Grateful Dead song, “Truckin’,” the students in this issue who faced adversity knew, “You got to play your hand/ Sometimes your cards ain’t worth a dime, if you don’t lay them down.”