From the Editors Desk

Last Thursday night while sitting in Wackadoos, just a few minutes before closing, I saw something I thought I’d never see this year. It was a strange and wonderful feeling.

The Owls finally won. But we didn’t just win – we crushed Lafayette.

Honestly, I didn’t go there to watch the game. That was merely a coincidence. Thursdays I go to Wackadoos because I enjoy the atmosphere that the new manager has created. That particular night, as the glossy and gummy key chain sitting on my desk reminds me, was a celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month 2005.

I don’t recall seeing anyone celebrating their Hispanic heritage, but I think I came in on the tail end of that party and walked straight into a frat football-viewing ceremony. Sometime during the latter half of the third quarter, their beer-cup raising hoots and hollers caught my attention. That’s when I realized we were a handful of points ahead of the so-called Ragin’ Cajuns. At one point the jovial group between the biggest TV and myself began cheering loudly until a waitress pointed out that it was merely a replay, not another touchdown.

What does my wrongly predicting the outcome of a game mean to you? Last week, when I was told we’d win this game, I laughed and said to my sports team, “If they win, you can have full run of the next issue.”

Look for the Football Mid-Season Review on the racks a week from today.

Jake SmithEditor in Chief