News Briefs

Port St. Lucie Campus Recreation Center Hopes to Add a Game Room

Port St. Lucie Student Governor Kelly Gladwish is taking steps to enhance student entertainment and networking by turning the lounge in the SL building into a game room. A pool table is expected to arrive around mid September. It will be open for use by students from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday. However, those hours may change, depending on the pattern of usage.

The funding will originate from the University Wide Council (UWC), which helps fund all campuses. If that bill fails, Gladwish plans to tap the Treasure Coast Campus budget for the $3,795.00 pool table. Also, Owl T.V. will increase presence on the Port St. Lucie campus. They plan to share office space with Student Government, which is cramped in what used to be the janitor’s closet. The increase in Owl T.V. coverage will bring more unification to campuses.

In addition, the UWC is paying between $20,000 and $36,000 to install eight or nine wireless access zones on campus. Gladwish says that this project will probably be completed next month. – By Mitch Kelly

Run For Senate

Treasure Coast has two senate seats to fill! Contact TC Student Government for information: Senate Speaker Helen Marshall 772-873-3363 or Kelly Gladwish 772-873-3408. – By Mitch Kelly

Support Our Troops Club is Looking for Members

Support Our Troops, a new student club, is looking for members. The club’s main goals are to support American troops and their loved ones, give FAU students an opportunity to see the challenges faced by military personnel and their families, and sponsor social and supportive activities for FAU students who are active, reserve and retired military personnel.

For more information on membership and upcoming events, or to join the club’s mailing list, contact [email protected] By Rachael Joyner

New Arabic Club Looks for Support

The Arabic Club, one of FAU’s newest additions, plans to provide FAU students with an opportunity to learn and study Arabic in a secular environment through group lessons. Member and co-founder Nancy Fowler says the club hopes to draw attention to the fact that FAU doesn’t currently offer any Arabic language or literature courses. The club will also work to get Arabic courses for credit offered at FAU. According to Fowler, there is a lot of funding out there, especially since 9/11; the university just has to go get it.

To become a member or be put on the club’s mailing list for upcoming events, contact [email protected] – By Rachael Joyner