My last words of the semester about Alvira Khan

I never got a chance to sit down and talk to Alvira Khan (not that I’d be able to get a hold of her anyway), but I have to say, she’s put on a good show while she’s been in office. I’m being honest when I say, it’s kind of sad to see her leave.

She has done some good for the school in her run. She helped organize getting the Starbucks and Quiznos established by the breezeway. We can also thank Khan for the new furniture in the UC.

The furniture wasn’t really necessary, but it is nice and comfortable. I do have to give her credit though; she was pretty good at organizing events. The Dashboard Confessional show, Michael Moore coming down to speak, John Kerry even spoke at campus. Although the MTV Invasion wasn’t that great, I try to forget that event ever happened.

She was pretty good at organizing events, which is never a bad thing, and I will miss her sketchy antics about the way she acts in office. I think the top highlight in her presidency was probably when she and her team in student government tried to shut down the UP.

That displays the political integrity that Alvira has. I’ve been told she has been difficult to contact, and often you will find two words, “no comment”, next to her name on documents when someone makes the attempt to reach her.

Maybe for her it’s a better political tactic to say nothing. I think it’s a horrible tactic, but that’s my opinion. Then again, if she’s out and about trying to shut down school newspapers because they’re doing their job, and giving herself more money while she’s at it, maybe she should just remain silent.

She truly has the make for a real politician, she does whatever she can to benefit herself, as any person would, but tries to cover it up with counts of useless intelligent-sounding excuses and rants that again, sound good, but are a bunch of bologna.

A hint of advice to politicians: good politicians are good at making excuses. Good politicians return phone calls, and good politicians don’t dig themselves into an even deeper hole when they mess up.