FAUPD arrest non-student in the Breezeway on Friday

According to a booking blotter, a Wellington resident was arrested for reckless driving in the Breezeway.

Mugshot of Josue Soto. Courtesy of PBSO.

Mugshot of Josue Soto. Courtesy of PBSO.

Ma. Emilia Santander, Managing Editor

Last Friday afternoon, officers from the FAU Police Department arrested Wellington resident Josue Soto for driving down the Breezeway. Soto is not an FAU student.

FAU students usually occupy the Breezeway throughout the week for tabling. 

According to a booking blotter from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, FAUPD charged Soto with reckless driving and released him hours later under his “own recognizance,” meaning he was not required to pay bond but is accountable to appear at his court date. 

When asked for comment, Soto replied that he “would like to retrieve his car” but did not provide further information about his vehicle or the reason behind his actions.

The UP reached out to the FAUPD for comment and to request the report of Soto’s arrest, but did not receive a reply by the time of publication.

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