SG increases funding for Black History Month Comedy Show

Student Government passed a bill that will increase the funding of the comedy after its first successful year.


BSU member with last year’s headlining performer Emmanuel Hudson. Courtesy of FAU BSU’s Instagram @fau_bsu.

Melanie Gomez, Features Editor

This year the Student Government (SG) House of Representatives passed a bill that will help fund the Black History Month (BHM) Comedy Show.

The funding for booking this year’s headlining performer, Drew Desbordes (Druski) was raised from last year’s show from an estimated $30,000 to $35,000, according to SG Senator and bill coauthor Kaila Palmer. 

Last year, the BHM Comedy Show was the highlight of events held by the Black Student Union (BSU) in February. The free event had over 500 students in attendance and according to the bill, the event’s “popularity and cultural necessity” shows even more of a reason to continue the tradition. With the increased funding, the BHM comedy show is expected to have an even better turnout this year.

“I think we’ll have a bigger audience because we have bigger artists. We also have more cosponsors and more help. We also have more promotional items. It’s going to be a bigger show, overall,” said Tierra Broughton, the president of BSU.

This year, the comedy show’s estimated total cost is $52,000, according to the bill. SG House of Representatives will be covering 30% of the show’s requested funding whereas other organizations such as the Graduate and Professional Student Association, Multicultural Programming, and Program Board have agreed to cover the additional remainder costs.

For bill coauthor and House of Representatives member Vania Bocage, BSU hosting the BHM comedy show has played a special role in the FAU community and for the Black student population.

“The first time was just to give another cultural experience for our campus. I do think that there are a lot of minorities on campus that deserve a space and deserve a place where they can be heard. And I think that’s what the Black Student Union has done,” said Bocage.

Palmer hopes that the bill will lead to a better future and that one-day money could be set aside for future events being held not just by BSU, but for other student organizations. Both Palmer and Bocage would like to see event funding to expand to more multicultural events, such as for Caribbean students.

“Just so the process that we went through to get money is not tedious and stressful one and that funding for this event is secured. And if any funding is needed from any other organizations they have that account to use,” said Palmer. 

The BHM Comedy Show will be on Feb. 27, with more details to be revealed at a later date. For more information regarding the BHM Comedy Show or other BHM events follow the BSU on their Instagram.