FAU is currently searching for artistic models

Students discuss the College of Arts & Letters art department search for nude models.

Kizzy Azcarate, Student Life Editor

FAU is looking for part-time artistic models for life drawing art studio classes according to a recent job post.

The original deadline for applications was May 2, but the application window has since been opened until further notice and applications prior to the extension will still be considered.

According to the job description models will need to be “comfortable posing clothed or nude,” have a flexible schedule, be able to stand/sit for a long duration of time, and have “body awareness and the ability to twist, turn, bend and accentuate the 3-dimensional qualities of the figure in poses.”

The University Press Instagram account posted a call out for students to weigh in on the job posting and received mixed reactions.

“If everything is consented and the models are not made to feel uncomfortable then it’s a perfect marriage,” said senior psychology major Samantha Malone,  in a direct message over Instagram. “I will say depending on how they [FAU] advertise it it can come across weird but all in all, very progressive towards the future of art.”

This is not the university’s first time searching for artistic models. In a previous UP article from 2016, the art department had a job listing similar to this one. Both job listings still share the same hourly pay at $20 an hour six years later.

Kyrie Bradley, a junior political science major, believes art students will be able to differentiate the sexual context of nudity from the anatomy of the human body.

“The human body is an important thing to learn in the broader subject of art and I don’t see why there should be shame in displaying it within this sort of context where students would voluntarily elect to see such a thing,” they said via direct message.

Bradley also brought up who should be present in the room while a model is possibly nude.

“As long as the nudity is not shown publicly, to minors, and to those that don’t wish to see it then I see zero reason for it to be seen as a bad thing,” said Bradley.

They also brought up the concern that FAU high school students should not be mandated by professors to attend class when the possibility of naked models are present.

Physics junior Hannah Tuttle told the UP in a direct message over Instagram that having live models would make it easier for students to master anatomy.

“There’s nothing wrong with using nude models and it’s not an inherently sexual or creepy thing as long as everyone is consenting adults and the professors are managing the expectations of the class,” said Tuttle.

The University Press reached the College of Arts & Letters art department but did not receive a response prior to publication time.

Kizzy Azcarate is the Student Life Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, tweet her @Kizzy_kinz or [email protected]