Boca House of Representatives elects Owls for Israel president as new member

Telehealth and new shuttle tracking app among upcoming changes at FAU.

André Rajoo, Political Reporter

In the third week of the 16th legislative session, the Boca Raton House of Representatives has filled positions and is preparing legislation that will boost student engagement. 

From confirming all the House Speaker’s appointees to preparing for a new FAU shuttle tracking app, SG leaders said they have only just gotten started on what they plan to fulfill for the university community. 

Many SG leaders discussed how this is the first legislative session where the university is back to a new standard—allowing the student government leaders to plan and pass legislation similar to before the onset of the COVID-19 virus in late December 2019. 

In this week’s meeting for the Boca Raton House, Speaker Reilly Bridgers set the tone for what he expects to see from SG leaders in this legislative session. “I have been very impressed with the performance, professionalism, and engagement of House Representatives only three weeks into the 16th legislative session,” Speaker Bridgers said.

The following Boca Raton House Representatives were appointed and confirmed without opposition to their stated position.

  • Rep. Joshua Rutledge, as the House Rules and Policies Chair. 
  • Rep. Adela Ramos, as the Campus Action Chair.
  • Rep. Nicole Abreu, as House Parliamentarian. 
  • Rep. Dylan Hobbs-Fernie, as House Secretary.
  • Rep. Dalia Calvillo, as House Administrative Officer. 

 Each representative addressed House members about why they believe they are the best person for their appointed position. 

New Campus Action Chair, Rep. Ramos, spoke about how many students at FAU may know who SG leaders are, but they don’t seem to know how SG leaders are representing them. She said once in her newly confirmed position, she will work to resolve this information dilemma that she has observed throughout the student body. 

Rep. Hobbs-Fernie, newly appointed House secretary, spoke about how he will dedicate as much time as needed for his newly appointed position. “For this position, time is of the essence, and I have it all,” he said.  

Other SG leaders spoke in Friday’s Boca Raton House meeting, including the student body Vice President Lily MacDonald’s Chief of Staff for President’s Administrative Cabinet Taj Dashan, President Maxwell Simonson, Boca Raton Treasurer Kirk Meyers, and Multicultural Program Director Vallejo.

In this meeting, MacDonald chose Dashan as a proxy. On behalf of the vice president, he spoke about telehealth for students, a new phone app for tracking campus shuttles, and the lobbying of state legislators to reinstate the Bright Futures book stipend.

In the Boca Raton House of Representatives, the maximum number of seats allotted is 56 seats. At this meeting, one vacant House seat was filled by a newly elected representative. 

Rep. Inbal Shachar, a senior majoring in health science and current president of Owls for Israel was elected by the current House without opposition. Shachar had an ambitious testimony for the members of the House. 

She spoke about her plans to work with administration and SG leaders to make sure every student at FAU feels safe and is not targeted for who they are. “I grew up in Singapore which is a very diverse place where culture is celebrated. Creating a diversity day on campus with a mega-event will boost the way students feel about the diversity they always hear about,” Shachar said.

In the three weeks since the 16th legislative session commenced SG leaders, new and old, have offered ambitious plans for this year.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated for accuracy.

André Rajoo is a Political Reporter for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected]