Mason Pace’s band rocks Crazy Uncle Mike’s

A look at the Mason Pace band playing their first show of their EP tour at Crazy Uncle Mike’s.


Mason Pace at Crazy Uncle Mike’s. Photo courtesy of Chris Schmitt.

Elliot Rodriguez, Entertainment Editor

Walking out from the car, it’s not hard to sense the atmosphere Crazy Uncle Mike’s throws down. Located in Boca Raton on North Federal Highway, their more than comfortable outdoor seating areas and their main stage located at the back of the venue, it’s apparent that this place has acts that get people on their feet.

Inside you are immediately greeted with a couch that is covered with “Doge” meme cushions. It sticks out like a sore thumb considering half the venue is a bar. With luminescent icicle lights and a miniature laser light show beaming around the room, along with helpers of a band running around like a chicken with its head cut off, it was apparent that this brewery had its night packed with live entertainment.

After the performance by Beautiful Disaster, a girl rock group consisting of three 15-year-old girls, got the crowd warmed up for the night, the stage was silent. Crew members worked diligently to get everything ready for the next act. All of a sudden from the dark void that was the stage, the blackness that a second ago engulfed the entire stage was illuminated with a bright spotlight. Like a car going from zero to 60 in a couple of seconds, out came FAU student Mason Pace along with fellow band members Cameron Martell (bass player), Alex Abbasi (drummer), and Kayla Frey (female vocalist).

All of the members were sporting all black attire, which really made Pace’s candle apple red guitar pop from the rest of the ensemble.

Although the stage equipment was quite impressive for the small venue, both the opening act and the main act experienced some microphone feedback whenever the guitar got too close. However, the acts found a way to maneuver their way past the hurdle and continue to put on a stunning show.

This was the first show of their EP release tour, for their album “King of Hearts.” The set consisted of songs played off the album, unreleased music for the band, and covers from other artists.

The set seemed to be a carefully orchestrated performance, it was obvious that this was not the band’s first time performing live.

Martell could be seen stationed in the right corner of the stage, moving across the stage at certain moments providing tasty bass licks for the rest of the band and the audience to enjoy. 

“We have a powerful live show,” Martell said. “We put on a phenomenal show and have a lot of people who come back to see us after the first show.”

Frey could be seen positioned in the left part of the stage, where she added harmony to Pace’s voice as the backup singer. Her voice gave a filling texture and added a tasteful ambience to the live performance. 

Abbasi was locked and loaded on the drums, making sure he was in the pocket at all times and never coming out from it. 

“The band brings a great combination of styles and flavors to the music as well as the performances,” Abbasi said.

Last but not least, Pace. Not only was he shredding on his guitar, but he was also tearing it up on the microphone. He did so while also hitting every single note, simultaneously playing the guitar and engaging with the crowd. 

For such a young band, it was apparent that everyone had put in the necessary work to pull off a successful show. 

Pace’s band’s songs are streaming on all platforms, you can also catch their music video for their track “King of Hearts” on Youtube. Updates and other information about the band can be found on their instagram @MasonPace.


Elliot Rodriguez is the Entertainment Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories email him at [email protected]  or Instagram @elliotyaknow