University names newest dorm on Boca campus

The newest dorm on campus has been named and is a part of the housing quad.


Courtesy of FAU Office of the President.

Natalia Ribeiro, News Editor

Editor’s Note: details were modified to include the costs and room features and hall amenities.  

The university’s housing department has revealed that Atlantic Park Towers is the name of the newest dorm on the Boca Raton campus. Atlantic Park Towers was selected to complete the university’s housing quad. The quad is seen as a hub for the residential experience at the university.  

Atlantic Park Towers is located closest to the library, Atlantic dining hall, Student Union, and the Breezeway food court. The new dorm was built to replace Algonquin Hall, which was demolished in the summer of 2019.   

The committee consisting of students, faculty, and staff were able to narrow down over 200 submissions to the Top 5 names.

In an email response, the five names listed were Atlantic Park Towers, Diversity [Way/Park], Owlsley Towers, Paradise Towers, or Yamato Towers. The significance of the names wasn’t revealed in the email.

According to Housing and Residential Education, the residence hall will contain suites consisting of both double and single rooms for upper-division students. All of the suites feature a common entrance and either one or two bathroom facilities. Each bedroom is equipped with unlimited access to Ethernet connections and cable television via streaming. 

Atlantic Park Towers will offer the same room features and amenities that Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers, Indian River Towers, and Parliament Hall all have. The difference is that Atlantic Park Towers will offer a Get Well Center, study pods, and community kitchenettes on each floor. Study pods are smaller spaces that are intended for a more privatized study experience for one to two people. 

Suites with rooms ending in A, B, C, or D consist of four single rooms with two bathrooms, one for every two people. The cost for each student per semester for these types of rooms is $4,885. 

Suites with rooms ending in L or R are double, four person suites with two bedrooms, two people per bedroom and one shared bathroom. The cost for each student per semester for these rooms is $3,900. 

Those with rooms ending in E and F are similar to rooms A, B, C, and D. The only difference is that they have two single rooms with one bathroom. The cost for each student per semester is $4,750.

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