FAU Student Moises Linares Takes Music Media Into His Own Hands

“It’s the passion behind what [Moises Linares is] doing. He’s doing it for the love of music,” Daniel Garcia said.


Courtesy of 4Beat Media.

Elliot Rodriguez, Entertainment Editor

Most great inventors and businessmen fail multiple times — so when senior Moises Linares decided to start 4Beat Media in the July of 2020 in Boca Raton, he knew he would face many challenges, one obstacle being the pandemic.

“That was the motivation for me to start writing about music,” Linares said. The drummer of 20 years saw the negative impact the pandemic had on artists, and how the Pandemic canceled their shows. Making Linares take matters into his own hands.

Enter 4Beat Media, his way of getting musicians exposure and help during what for many have been tough times. The interviews help give the artists exposure and document the artist’s personal life and their life as a musician.

Collage of Moises Linares courtesy of 4Beat Media.

Linares is a Multimedia Studies major at the university’s Dorothy J. Schmidt College of Art and Letters, it was here when the idea of documenting and interviewing artists first popped into his mind.

He was taking a documentary class taught by professor Adam Smith when he got the idea to start 4Beat Media, back in the summer semester of 2020.

“The class woke me up,” Linares said. He learned the basic skills that he needed from the class and ran with his idea of starting 4Beat Media.

In September of last year, he posted his first interview on Youtube of drummer, bassist, DJ, and Bboy performer, Daniel “Felix El Gato” Garcia. Garcia is based in Fort Lauderdale and was introduced to Linares, by the keyboardist of his band POCKiT, Charles “Chip” Gardner.

He also makes sure to post snippets of upcoming stories on Instagram, where he can connect directly with fans of his work.

Garcia believes Linares has distinguished himself in his interviews by delving into the personal life of the artist involved, in addition to the musical aspect.

“When you see the interviews he does, you can see not just the music, but the person who made it as well,” Garcia said.

Linares is looking at 4Beat Media as a platform where everyone can grow and learn, whether it’s the artist, the viewer, or even himself. Looking forward, he has a list of people who he wants to interview, each of them working towards his short-term goal.

“My short-term goal right now is to have at least 10 stories from different musicians,” Linares said. With each story that he produces, he points out how each story helps him practice and tune his skills as a videographer.

Elliot Rodriguez is the Entertainment Editor for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email him at [email protected] or DM his Instagram, @elliotyaknow.