Women’s Basketball: Owls lose 75-63 to ODU

This is the Owls’ fifth conference loss of the season.


Forward Juliette Gauthier led the Owls in scoring in the loss against the Monarchs with 17 points. Photo by: Alex Liscio.

Brianna Smith, Contributing Writer

The FAU women’s basketball team competed against one of the conference’s best defensive teams, Old Dominion University on Saturday. After a contending game, the Owls lost 75-63.


Owls forward Juliette Gauthier scored 17 points and played a great offensive game at the side of her teammate Lotta Vehka-Aho, who locked in 13 points. Astou Gaye scored 10 points and Crystal Primm scored 13 points. 


The Owls did what they needed to keep points up on the scoreboard in the first quarter, taking the lead by four. Nonetheless, ODU has a way when it comes to playing defense as they average 56.6 points per game — so they forced FAU to apply pressure when it came down to defending their basket. 


Further into the second quarter, the Monarchs defense was sufficient enough that the Owls had a hard time completing shots. The Owls were shooting at 8 percent while ODU was shooting at 78 percent from the field. 


Picking up the pace, the Owls stepped it up in the beginning of the third quarter, though the scoring for both teams was minimal. 


Old Dominion guard Taylor Edwards continued her streak of averaging 10.1 points per game. She finished Saturday with 23 points assisting her team to a victory. 


There to facilitate her game, both on offense and defense, were her teammates Ajah Wayne securing 16 points, Amari Young with 11 points and Amaya Register with 6 points.


Gauthier set the momentum of the fourth quarter as she went for a layup, completed it, and picked up an “and-one,” and a successful free throw. The same way she began the quarter, Gauthier closed it out as she assured another basket for the Owls with another clutch score.


The FAU Owls (9-9, 3-4 CUSA) will play next on the road against Western Kentucky University at 7 p.m. on Jan. 30. 

Brianna Smith is a contributing writer for the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected] or tweet her @Itsbriiaa.