The Owls QB Battle Rages On At Sunday Morning Practice

The Owls QBs bring the heat in 90 degree weather as training camp continues.


Wide receivers and defensive backs practicing drills at training camp Sunday morning. Photo by: Colby Guy

Colby Guy, Contributing Writer

The quarterback battle at FAU continues on as we finish up day three of FAU’s training camp, as the first team snaps were split between Chris Robison, Nick Tronti and Justin Agner, with each of them rotating throughout the day and playing equal reps.


Nick Tronti was the standout of the bunch, making throws and showing his mobility, but there is still more to prove and training camp isn’t the best indicator on who will make it out of camp.


Chris Robison looked fine as well, but there were some miscues as he dropped some snaps throughout the day, but he looked solid for someone who hasn’t practiced since fall.


A dark horse in this race could be true freshman Javion Posey, who looked fantastic at practice and has one of the best throwing motions from an FAU quarterback. He might not win the job this year, but he definitely will be a guy to watch for the next few years for the Owls.


DeAngelo Antoine is optimistic about his change from defensive back at USF to wide receiver now at FAU.


“When you know the tendencies of a defensive back, it kinda gives you an upper hand against the other wide receivers” Antoine said.


He also said Lane Kiffin was a huge part of his decision to transfer from USF to FAU as well as how he was welcomed in while watching the spring game.


The University Press will continue coverage on training camp as the Owls prepare for their week one matchup against the Ohio State Buckeyes. 


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