Places to check out during the break

The UP picks their favorites


Photo of Glitch Bar courtesy of their Facebook

Sophie Siegel and Ross Mellman

Spring break is the midpoint in the year when life starts to get hectic. Luckily, this works as a way to give all of us a break.


Boca Raton


While Boca is where we attend school year-round, there are plenty of things to keep you busy if you’re staying here over break:


UP’s picks:

  • Palmetto Park Beach
    • The beach is right next to a puppy store and an ice cream shop. Where could you go wrong? The beach is a great place to hang with friends by surfing waves and cooling off.
  • The Irishman
    • The Irishman is one of the most popular college bars in Boca. Fridays are karaoke nights and are packed with many college students from Greek life.  
  • Mizner Park and Yard House
    • Mizner Park is one of the most popular spots for restaurants in Boca Raton. While most of the restaurants are expensive, Yard House has a huge menu of American food at affordable prices. The best part about this restaurant is the plethora of different beers, with roughly 100 different choices.
  • The Seed
    • This busy coffeehouse has an array of vegan food options but is also a great place to read a nice book or listen to some music. Not everyone is a beach person, and you don’t need to be since it’s ample distance away from beachside Boca.


Delray Beach


The city, only one town north of FAU, has so much to offer. From cute coffeehouses on Atlantic Ave to hopping bars down the busy streets, there is much to do here. Not only are there a ton of restaurants along the busy streets, but it makes for a nice walk and has a beach at the end of the road.


UP’s picks:

  • Subculture Coffee
    • The coffee bar is open until midnight and on the weekends. Local bands play some sets for attendees to enjoy. Plus, during the non-break time, it’s a perfect place to go and hit the books with some friends. The coffeehouse has options for everyone, non-coffee drinkers and coffee drinkers alike.
  • Level 2
    • There are many clubs on Atlantic Ave, and Level 2 is one of the best. Located on the second floor of a popular restaurant, Buddha Sky Bar, Level 2 is the only nightclub on the Ave that is not on the street level. It offers great music and a true nightclub feel. However, you have been forewarned — it’s expensive.
  • Il Bacio
    • This club is slightly off the beaten path. Located down a hidden alleyway off the Ave, this outdoor nightclub is probably the most unique due to its outdoor setting. It has a huge stage where they often have live music or DJs.


  • Kilwins
    • The iconic ice cream shop is open late hours on the Ave. There are non-dairy options as well as classic flavors. Looking to cool off on the hot nights? Get a scoop with some friends, maybe post-clubbing. This is a great place to hang out if you’re under 21.


Ft. Lauderdale


Ft. Lauderdale might not be Miami, but it offers a great beach party scene where large patches of the beach are packed shoulder-to-shoulder with college partygoers.


Las Olas has long been considered the most popular beach and street for parties and restaurants.


Rated number 5 out of the 101 best things to do on TripAdvisor, it’s filled with hotels, bars, and restaurants. While most people opt to go to the beach during the day, which swells with college students around noon, Las Olas becomes just as crowded at night.


UP’s picks:


  • Glitch Bar
    • The bar has a unique theme – it’s a barcade, which is a bar with arcade games. You can grab a beer with your friends (if you’re legal) and play some games with them. Plus, on the weekends in that part of Lauderdale, vendors and food trucks make some appearances. It’s a perfect way to hang with friends while enjoying some of your favorite games.
  • Beer Punx
    • This small hole-in-the-wall bar opened recently and offers free live music on Fridays and Saturdays. You can grab a cheap beer with friends (hence the name) and listen to some music. Most acts range from hardcore punk to acoustic, just depending on the night. You may be surprised by what you find.
  • Revolution Live!
    • The concert venue offers cheap concert tickets all of the time. It’s just a matter of staking them out. The best way to find out what is happening is via Facebook or Ticketmaster. Most tickets are in the $20-30 price range before fees apply. It’s an intimate concert space.
  • Capone’s
    • Capone’s is one club that is known for its hip-hop scene. It stays open until 4 a.m., and the bar serves drinks much more quickly than other clubs.
  • Sway Nightclub
    • Not very far from Capone’s is Sway Nightclub. Sway Nightclub has the most “Miami” feel to it, with big lasers and lights. Most other clubs on Las Olas are often more of a bar scene than a club.

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