FAU students shed light on some good restaurants to try over spring break

Check out why your classmates like these places — and why they recommend you visit them during spring break, too.


Photo of Downtown Delray courtesy of the Delray Beach website

James Madera, Contributing Writer

Are you looking to expand your palate over spring break by trying new foods in Boca? We’ve got you covered.

The UP asked several students for restaurant recommendations, and we’ve compiled over ten for you to check out.

Ethnic food

If you like Spanish food, take a look at Patio Tapas and Beer, located on SE 1st Ave. They offer a variety of Spanish food and drinks.


Shari Gaye-Parris, a senior communications major, cites this as one of her go-to restaurants in Boca Raton.


“This place is definitely not your grandma’s tapas bar. There is an eclectic blend of Spanish food and drinks — the most decadent item on the menu, in my opinion, is their ‘lamb-roasted baguette sandwich,’” Gaye-Parris said.


Perhaps you occasionally enjoy going to a buffet and getting the most bang for your buck. If so, take a look at Ichiyami Buffet and Sushi on Mizner Blvd, with buffet prices starting at $13.50 per person during lunch hours.


Ichiyami serves the best ‘spicy tuna salad’ and a phenomenal ‘crab dynamite salad.’ The ‘dragon’ and ‘monster lobster rolls’ are also a must,” Gaye-Parris said.


Basilic Vietnamese Grill on Federal Highway is a Vietnamese restaurant that Lisandra Campbell, a freshman English major, described as having a relaxing atmosphere. She said she frequents this restaurant often because they are known for making exceptional ‘pho,’ which is a noodle soup with meat.


Comfort food

If you are a connoisseur of pizza, Blaze Pizza on N Federal Highway is minutes away from campus. It gives customers the chance to customize their pizzas with various toppings, sauces, and cheeses.


Safiyyah Mir, a junior biology major, said she frequents Blaze often because it’s only three miles away from campus, and the menu is full of variety.


Blaze is my go-to because it’s my pizza heaven. It’s close to campus and not that expensive. It also offers a lot of variety when you want something more than cafeteria/food court pizza,” she added.


Lovers of fried chicken also won’t have to venture far to find some quality food. Fran’s Chicken Haven on Federal Highway has been serving chicken and homestyle side dishes since 1964.


The prices are flexible, too, with chicken legs being sold by the piece for as low as $1.50


Campbell said she visits Fran’s from time to time, and loves it because of the cheap prices and comforting atmosphere.


Vegan-friendly options


Vegans and non-vegans alike may enjoy the cuisine from Parlour Vegan Bakery, located on S Federal Highway. The Boca location is newer, and they have another site in Plantation.


“Coming from someone that is not vegan, none of their food tastes vegan. My friends and I have gone countless times. We tend to find that the ‘butterbeer donuts’ are our go-to’s,” Hannah Hape, a junior English major, said.


For those who are devout vegans, Artichoke and Vine on N Federal Highway by the Sanctuary Centre prides itself in being “100% vegan,” including but not limited to: gluten-free, soy free, and nut free foods. They even offer vegan-friendly beer and wine.


Junk food

Those who like to consume greasier foods won’t regret checking out Munchiez.


“Munchiez is great. It’s entirely weed-themed, which is pretty cute, but it’s also perfect if you want something greasy. They have a lot of different mac and cheeses, and it definitely will keep you full and content,” Mir said.


Munchiez even entices customers with weed-oriented humor. All of their menu items have funny titles, including “The Willie Nelson,” “Cheech and Chong,” and “Bob Marley.” The restaurant also caters to those who eat late at night, staying open until 3 a.m. on certain nights.


Grilled cheese fans out there are also in luck. New York Grilled Cheese in Mizner Park offers varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches and soups. Mir noted that the food is expensive, though, with most sandwiches being $11 and up. The facility also stays open until 2 am twice a week, friday and saturday.


“They are pricey, but I’d kill for their grilled cheese. I’m not a fan of tomato soup, but the way they make their soup is amazing. And the staff is very friendly, and the environment is very tranquil,” Mir said.


South Florida isn’t typically known for having many BBQ restaurants, but Mississippi Sweets BBQ is one hidden gem that is worth checking out, according to Hape.


She loves the restaurant because it reminds her of her Southern roots.


“Being from the South, you have to have a good barbecue place to go to. Living near the ocean, you don’t tend to have a lot of them. Finding this place was a win-win for me. They make a really good peanut butter pie,” Hape said.


And if you enjoy frequenting a diner every now and then, The Flashback Diner is open 24 hours a day.


“They have a lot of menu options, but I always get breakfast because it’s among my favorites. Nothing is better than taking a break from studying and going to get a plate of pancakes with your friends at 3 a.m.,” said Hape.


FAU students, Boca natives, and snowbirds will have a variety of choices if they choose to go on food excursions in Boca Raton during spring break. Especially those who like to indulge in culinary adventures on a regular basis.

James Madera is a contributing writer with the University Press. For information regarding this or other stories, email [email protected].