2017 rapes on Boca campus more than double previous year

FAU released its annual crime report, revealing that dating violence, stalking, and drug and alcohol arrests are also up.


Photo courtesy of FAU police’s Facebook

Cameren Boatner, News Editor

FAU’s newest 2017 crime report noted 12 on-campus rapes, while 2016 had five. And 10 out of those dozen rapes occured in the residence halls, according to the report.

The university released the annual report yesterday in compliance with the Clery Act, which requires disclosure of crime on college campuses. Other crime statistics went up from last year as well — there were 16 reported incidents of dating violence on the Boca campus, compared to 11 in 2016.

But rape and dating violence aren’t the only crimes on the rise. Here are some other noteworthy FAU Boca campus crime stats:

Notable stats from the Davie campus:

Notable stats from the Jupiter campus:

And FAU isn’t alone in the increase of reported rapes. Florida State University, the University of North Florida, and the University of South Florida campus rapes were all higher in 2017 than in 2016.

FSU’s reported rapes went from 10 to 13, and UNF’s went from five to nine, while USF’s doubled from four to eight.

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