Special Student Government election to decide next president, vice president

The decision comes a week after the president and vice president-elect were disqualified from serving.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Benjamin Paley, Distribution Manager

Vice President of Student Affairs Corey King announced Friday evening a special spring election will determine Student Government’s next head honchos, according to Student Activities and Involvement Director Donald Van Pelt.


Following the February election, the Student Court kicked President-elect Jacqueline LaBayne and her VP Kyle MacDonald out of office for campaigning 10 days too early, a violation of SG statutes.


Now, anyone from the student body can run for the empty seats, as long as they’re eligible. And because LaBayne and MacDonald have already been penalized with their disqualification, they can run again.


A date and time for the election will be decided Monday by the Elections Board, said Van Pelt when asked by the University Press.


The Elections Chair must call a special election within three weeks, according to SG statutes. The declaration of candidacy period lasts two weeks while campaigning lasts another two weeks before an election can be held.


When asked about the date of the second election, Van Pelt had the following to say:


“They are meeting on Monday to review over the statutes and see how the response fits the new elections because it’s stated that election is invalid,” he said. “So if the election is invalid, then we have to have a new one.”

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