College of Business poll finds Floridians split on DACA, border wall

The Business & Economics Polling Initiative found most Florida voters support permanent legal status for undocumented minors but are unsure about the idea of a border wall.


Photo by Tony Harp, U.S. Air National Guard

Alexander Rodriguez, News Editor

As Washington continues its debate on immigration, Floridians say they’re in favor of DACA recipients legally staying in the country, according to a new poll.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an Obama-era policy that protects minors brought to the United States illegally from deportation.


Florida has long been home to a large number of immigrants and BEPI director Monica Escaleras believes this could be a reason for the majority vote for DACA.


“If there are students under DACA studying at FAU, it is good news for them to see that Floridians are supporting them to stay in the USA,” Escaleras said.


The Business & Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI) survey finds 58 percent of Floridians are in favor of granting permanent legal status for DACA recipients while 26 percent oppose the idea.


Among other statistical findings, most Floridians support building a wall along the Mexican border一but the difference is only two percent.


“Florida has republican and democrat voters,” Escaleras said. “Republicans want the border while democrats don’t.”


When asked if Trump should be impeached, 39 percent agreed yes and 45 percent said no. The President’s job approval rating also went up by four percent since August 2017.


“President Trump creates a lot of polarization,” Escaleras said. “Republicans like him while democrats don’t.


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