Boca House of Representatives holds first fall meeting

Sophomore Sayd Hussain was elected associate justice.

Photo courtesy of SG

Photo courtesy of SG

Nate Nkumbu, Staff Writer

Student Government members met in the Student Union House Chambers Friday.

Reconvening for the first meeting of the fall, the Boca House of Representatives saw no new bills passed or tabled for next Friday’s meeting.

Sophomore SG representative Sayd Hussain was elected to the vacant position of associate justice for the SG Judicial court unanimously.

The associate justice is one of four judges in the SG judicial branch. The judges hear cases ranging from elections to policies and issues within the SG constitution.

After being sworn in, Hussain said he wants to raise awareness of the student judicial system at the school.

“One of my major plans is going to be outreach, making sure that the the Boca associate justice is present in Student Government related activities,” he said.  

The sophomore added that he spoke with both former and current SG members before running for the position.

“When Der’Resha [Bastien] became governor, I reached out to her and let her know that I was interested. I always did that with a person of leadership,” Hussain said. “I met with chief justices and [former President] Michael [Cairo] and [current President] Emily [Lawless] were both aware that I wanted the position as did [former Boca Governor Ezell] Hamilton.”

Hussain also mentioned that all it took was introducing himself to SG members and stating his intentions to join.

“It just takes that simple two seconds to introduce yourself and that’s all it takes,” he said. “Two minutes for a life changing decision.”

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