Annual Comedy Show featured a chihuahua, a magic dragon and a fish in a blender

Comedian Chris James opened for Piff the Magic Dragon.

Photo courtesy of Piff the Magic Dragons Twitter page.

Photo courtesy of Piff the Magic Dragon’s Twitter page.

Kamilah Douglas, Contributing Writer

Editor’s note: due to a contractual obligation Program Board signed with John van der Put, Piff the Magic Dragon, the University Press was unable to take photos of his set.

On Tuesday at 8 p.m., FAU’s Boca Raton campus hosted its annual comedy show in the Carol and Barry Kaye Performing Arts Auditorium.

English comedian Chris James opened for the headliner, Piff the Magic Dragon. James has a background in modeling and joked about an encounter with an agent who asked if he had any runway walk experience to which he coyly replied, “I’ve been walking all my life.”

At one point, James interacted with a student named Parker in the first row.

“I’m not the smartest,” Parker said, expecting the comedian to ask him a challenging question. As it turns out, James was only going to ask what kind of car he drives.

After his stand-up concluded, there was a 20-minute intermission, followed by a few introductory videos about the headliner. The videos showed Piff doing magic tricks on the street while dressed up in his dragon costume.

Piff the Magic Dragon, whose real name is John van der Put, is an English magician who was a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” in 2015. He made it to the fourth round before he was eliminated, something that he joked about throughout the show.

Before the audience got to see Piff, his assistant — or “squire” — Francis came out and warmed up the crowd. One of Francis’ gimmicks included making a balloon animal snake and holding it at crotch level, then jumping down and wagging it in Parker’s face.

With the help of the audience, Francis was able to summon the sleeping dragon with music and cheers. He was accompanied on stage by his assistant Simone, who helped with some of the tricks while dressed in a shiny silver ensemble with long pink and white feathers.

Piff then came out with his chihuahua Mr. Piffles, who also “performs” magic. One of Mr. Piffles’ tricks is to go under a sheet and draw a picture of an animal that an audience member is thinking of.

The comedian told a student named Annie to name an animal that she would like as a balloon animal because he “could do any animal.” Annie asked for a dolphin and nervously, Piff made a bunch of small knots and called it a hemorrhoid.

Another animal that was incorporated into the show was a goldfish named David Copperfish. Piff had a student named David come on stage so that David Copperfish could guess a long word that David chose from a dictionary.

Piff began to pressure David Copperfish to get it right by having Simone bring out a blender and transfer him and his water from a wineglass into the blender. Piff said to David Copperfish, “Find the word or you will die!”

Clearly David Copperfish wasn’t a very good magician because he had to go through almost half of the alphabet just to get the first letter and eventually he did not succeed.

Piff also performed card tricks involving several audience members.

To conclude the show, Piff told the audience that despite losing “America’s Got Talent,” he has a residency in Las Vegas and tours the country performing magic for half of every month.

The event was free for students and the first hundred to enter received free Fly On Music Fest T-shirts.

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