Actor James Monarski to teach acting classes at FAU

Star of the Netflix series ‘Glitch’ will be teaching two-day acting classes in March.


Photo courtesy of James Monarski’s Facebook page.

Tucker Berardi, Features Editor

For students who wish to be actors and actresses one day, FAU is unfortunately a long ways from Hollywood, California. However, Netflix star James Monarski is bringing a slice of Hollywood to South Florida with his two-day professional acting class.

The acting classes will take place on March 8 and 9, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. both days. Students will receive practical experience and learn from cold readings, as well as gain techniques useful in acting and auditioning, according to Monarski.

“[These classes] are for the diehard actor that wants to push it to the next level,” Monarski said.

Students will also have the opportunity to record and perfect an audition tape, Monsarski says, which they can use professionally in their future acting pursuits.

“James has a deep and profound understanding of the human condition, and is unique in his teaching,” one of Monarski’s students, Georgia Flood, said in a testimony on Monarski’s website. “He employs a blend of sensitivity and strength that has enabled me as an actor to feel safe, yet vulnerable enough to let emotion flow and creativity flourish.”

Monarski likes to employ what he calls an “animal technique” in his workshop. By studying the behavior characteristics of certain animals, people are able to develop certain personas in character creation and get out of their comfort zones.

“Most people think actors are naturals,” Monarski said. “But we act throughout our lives, we learn how to take on characteristics that decide our lives and what masks to wear with different people.”

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn crucial tricks of the acting trade, but Monarski will adjust the material depending on the interests of the students. Because of the intimate class size, each of Monarski’s workshops are personalized to fit the needs of the students.

“You have to find and build your brand on what you see yourself doing and what your goals are,” Monarski said. “I don’t want to pigeonhole people, I want students to choose their career themselves, as opposed to assigning something to them.”

One of Monarski’s students, Adam J. Yeend, landed a role in “Holding the Man” by Larry Moss and attributes much of his success to his work with Monarski.

“James has continued to offer insight, guidance, and a sense of ease within my work,” Yeend wrote in a testimonial. “I highly recommend James to anyone who is serious about obtaining alignment in their body, voice and breath.”

Class spots are $75 for students ($25 less than the regular $100 price), and spots can be reserved by emailing Monarski at [email protected].

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