Student organizations to lose money next year

With fewer students planned to be enrolled next year, more student organizations need to cut their budgets. See what recommendations the University Budget Appropriations Committee made.


Tim Murphy

The Board of Governors will meet in the Majestic Palm Room of the Student Union.

Gregory Cox, Managing Editor

After eight hours of deliberation, two pizzas and countless cups of coffee later, some student organizations are facing cuts to their budgets next year.

The University Budget Appropriations Committee, chaired by Student Government Vice President Casey Martin, has to allocate the projected number of activity and service fees — a charge each student pays based on their course load that goes to benefit the student body.

The voting members — chief financial officer Felix Hartmann, the three campus treasurers and the three campus budget chairs — then vote to divvy up the fee money among student-run organizations.

After facing its largest freshman class, FAU will be accepting fewer applicants and is anticipating a decline in enrollment. This will mean fewer activities and services fees for student organizations to work with.

Although many accounts received the same budgets as last year, others had their funding cut. Student media organizations are facing the heaviest cuts, along with the Graduate and Professional Student Association.