10 ways to avoid Breezeway promoters

Promoters litter the Breezeway – here’s how to expertly avoid them.


Photo by Gregory Cox | Managing Editor

UP Staff

Promoters litter the Breezeway with flyers and their presence.5-3_excuses

There’s a never-ending stream of “Would you like to support [insert cause]?,” “Sign up for [insert club]!” and “Come check out [insert event].”

Stephanie Etienne, the student director for guest services, says there are anywhere between 20-50 registered student organizations using a Breezeway table on any given day. That, plus the local businesses and other non-students can contribute to some serious congestion.

So, the UP and your fellow Owls have come together to create a list of the best excuses to ward off promoters, as well as alternate routes to avoid the crowd: