Governor Merems has big plans for small campus

Jupiter Campus Governor Matthew Merems has three goals plus student input


Gov. Matthew T. Merems took to the podium to discuss his plans for the Jupiter campus. Photo courtesy of Chenchen Su.

Benjamin Paley, Contributing Writer

The Jupiter campus governor took to the podium on Monday to deliver his campus address.

Gov. Matthew T. Merems provided his game plan for the 2015-2016 academic year.

He didn’t hesitate to bring up his accomplishments so far. He met with Library Director Ethan Allen to discuss turning the computer lab in the library into a 24-hour study space, adding that this plan has been approved by the campus administration.

Governor Merems followed by referencing updates made to the emergency response systems located throughout the campus. He is calling for improvements in the campus-wide lighting system that leads to the library as well.

Merems looked to the future and hopes to hear from the student body directly through monthly town hall meetings.

Students on the Jupiter campus are excited to see what Governor Merems and his team are going to provide to the student body.

“His speech was brief but dense and packed with useful information,” said James D’Amore, a junior studying pre-law. He liked how two of his goals were accomplished, and is “looking forward” to the monthly meetings.

Students are excited about the monthly town hall meetings but show reservations when it comes to getting people to attend.

“I think town halls are good on paper, but they do not get a lot of participation,” said Euda Fils, a junior majoring in economics and history and COSO Director for the Jupiter campus. “But it could work if they are held on a monthly basis.”

“I think there may need to be more creativity in marketing these town hall meetings,” Brian Pennington, a senior majoring in psychology said.