Greek Life: How to nail recruitment/rush from head to toe

Before you choose a fraternity or sorority this fall, read advice from current Greek life members who have undergone the process in semesters past.


Members from the Interfraternity Council, College Panhellenic Association, and Multicultural Greek Council wearing their ideal recruitment outfits. Photo by Alexis Hayward | Web Editor

Emily Creighton, Features Editor

Every year, incoming college students gather into meeting rooms and around promotional tables with the hopes of finding a sorority or fraternity perfect for them.

According to the USA Today, there are nine million students that are part of Greek-lettered organizations across the nation. In the Fall of 2014, there were 1,409 Greek members at FAU – 881 of which are sorority members, the other 528 being fraternity members –  according to the Fall 2014 Fraternity and Sorority Community Report.

But, in order to become a part of Greek life, each potential new member (PNM) must go through recruitment – as it’s known by sororities – or rush – as it’s known by fraternities.

The recruitment/rush process offers a look into each chapter, giving PNMs the information needed to make the decision of which organization is best for them.

Recruitment/rush is a “mutual selection process,” as stated on Florida Atlantic’s Fraternity and Sorority Life website – a little give and take is required. While the brotherhoods and sisterhoods put their best foot forward to show PNMs what Greek life is about, PNMs must show current members why Greek life is for them.

While dressing appropriately is important – fraternities and sororities are looking for those who will represent the organization well – how one conducts his or herself is also key to getting off on the right foot.
So, with the help of a few members from the Interfraternity Council, College Panhellenic Association and Multicultural Greek Council here at FAU, we’ve compiled lists for the “do’s and don’ts” of how to behave and how to dress for recruitment/rush.

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College Panhellenic Association

Aug. 23 – Aug. 30, 2015

National Pan-Hellenic Council

You must contact each NPHC chapter for more information.

Multicultural Greek Council

You must contact each MGC chapter for more information.

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