FAU reaches settlement with family of murdered escort

Jimmy Ho lost his job as a Florida Atlantic police officer in 2011 after he shot and killed an escort. FAU settled a wrongful death case Tuesday stemming from Ho’s actions.


Max Jackson | Photo Editor

Wesley Wright, Editor in Chief

Former Florida Atlantic police officer Jimmy Dac Ho shot female escort Sheri Carter on Jan. 31 2011, resulting in her death four days later in the Delray Medical Center.

In 2014, Ho was given two life sentences for his actions — one for the first-degree murder of Carter and one for her kidnapping.

Sandi Cooper — Sheri Carter’s mother — brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the school for what she considered negligence.

“I’m trying to comprehend why FAU allowed this animal on the streets,” she told the Sun-Sentinel in June, 2014. “I can’t comprehend it.”

Sheri Carter’s family and FAU have now reached a settlement worth $10000. University spokesperson Lisa Metcalf told the Sun-Sentinel that the settlement was a way to rid the school of what she referred to as meritless claims.

Ho had a long-defined history of violent behavior before his murder conviction. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office fired him in 2004 after a fight with his wife. A total of 11 other police departments rejected Ho because of his background before he ended up at FAU in 2006.

Five years later, Ho’s career came to an end when he shot Sheri Carter twice — in the neck and abdomen — and left her to die in a Boynton Beach apartment complex. Just days after the ordeal, Ho unsuccessfully attempted suicide in the Palm Beach County Jail.

According to the university’s attorney, Stephen Radford, the judge has declared the case as permanently closed.